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Series: NYRB Poets
ISBN: 9781681376486
Pages: 160
Publication Date: July 12, 2022

A Summer Day in the Company of Ghosts

by Wang Yin, translated from the Chinese by Andrea Lingenfelter

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“My poems are flecks of salt clinging ambivalently to a horse’s back,” Wang Yin writes. Selected Poems, translated by Andrea Lingenfelter, is the first comprehensive collection of this important Chinese poet’s work to appear in English. Readers can follow the full arc of the poet’s career, from the early, surrealist and Deep Image-influenced work of the 1980s, when he made his debut as a post-Misty poet, through the turn toward the rawer, more immediate poetry of the nineties, and on to the existential and ineffable weavings of his more recent work. Wang Yin’s sensibility is both cosmopolitan and lyrical, and his poetry has a subtlety and beauty that contrasts with the often physically painful imagery with which he depicts psychological reality, a reality expressed as various states of mind struggling against the suppression of memory. Shanghai winters, a winter in Katowice, a summer day with ghosts, blue shadows, petals in the darkness, an “empty lane lit up by moonlight”—the poems of this extraordinary volume illuminate the inner life as a singular encounter between physical and spiritual realms.