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Series: NYRB Classics
Pages: 256
Publication Date: May 2, 2017

The Farm in the Green Mountains

by Alice Herdan-Zuckmayer, introduction by Elisa Albert, translated from the German by Ida H. Washington and Carol E. Washington

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The Farm in the Green Mountains is a story of a refugee family finding its true home—thousands of miles from its homeland.

Alice and Carl Zuckmayer lived at the center of Weimarera Berlin. She was a former actor turned medical student, he was a playwright, and their circle of friends included Stefan Zweig, Alma Mahler, and Bertolt Brecht. But then the Nazis took over and Carl’s most recent success, a play satirizing German militarism, impressed them in all the wrong ways. The couple and their two daughters were forced to flee, first to Austria, then to Switzerland, and finally to the United States. Los Angeles didn’t suit them, neither did New York, but a chance stroll in the Vermont woods led them to Backwoods Farm and the eighteenth-century farmhouse where they would spend the next five years. In Europe, the Zuckmayers were accustomed to servants; in Vermont, they found themselves building chicken coops, refereeing fights between fractious ducks, and caring for temperamental water pipes “like babies.” But in spite of the endless work and the brutal, depressing winters, Alice found that in America she had at last discovered her “native land.” This generous, surprising, and witty memoir, a best seller in postwar Germany, has all the charm of an unlikely romantic comedy.


These literate glimpses of rural America make good stand-alone chapter reads: raising chickens, meeting reticent New England neighbors, marveling at the mysterious USDA pamphlets or the Sears, Roebuck catalog, journeying to the Dartmouth library, etc...This volume will be of special regional and historical interest as well as of general interest in public libraries where anecdotal essays are popular.

The Zuckmayers’ courage and strength is an inspiration to all who may be set in unfamiliar surroundings, even in their own country.
Publishers Weekly

A historic gem...The wit, humor, adventure and insight in the book earned it ‘bestseller’ status in Europe after the Zuckmayers returned home following the war.
—Gareth Henderson, Vermont Standard

Part memoir, part diary, part fascinating account of rural life in 1940s Vermont...these are things that haven’t changed at all in the last century in Vermont...The sounds an old post-and-beam farmhouse makes when it gets cold, for instance, or the way the snowplow rattles the windowpanes at 4am....
—Emily Abroad Blog