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Series: Notting Hill Editions
ISBN: 9781907903342
Pages: 156
Publication Date: October 18, 2016

From Notting Hill Editions

You and MeThe Neuroscience of Identity

by Susan Greenfield


What is it that makes you distinct from me? Identity is a term much used but hard to define. For that very reason, it has long been a topic of fascination for philosophers but has been regarded with aversion by neuroscientists—until now. Susan Greenfield takes us on a journey in search of a biological interpretation of this most elusive of concepts, guiding us through the social and psychiatric perspectives and ultimately to the heart of the physical brain. Greenfield argues that as the brain adapts exquisitely to environment, the cultural challenges of the twenty-first century with its screen-based technologies mean that we are facing unprecedented changes to identity itself.


She has a rare talent for explaining science in accessible prose.
The Washington Post

Susan Greenfield is often described as the foremost female scientist in Britain, but she is one of the best of any gender, anywhere, at getting complicated ideas across.
The Independent on Sunday

Greenfield is an entertaining writer, a brilliant neuroscientist and an excellent exponent of the latest advances in brain chemistry.
New Humanist

In her lively monograph Greenfield emphasizes that our brains are plastic and can be influenced in ways that pose a risk to our moral development.
Prospect Magazine

Greenfield is a lucid and thorough communicator.
The Independent