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Series: NYRB Kids
ISBN: 9781681372884
Pages: 400
Publication Date: September 4, 2018

The Curious Lobster

by Richard W. Hatch, illustrated by Marion Freeman Wakeman


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Whether you are five or one hundred and five, chances are you’ve never met a lobster as learned and charming as Mr. Lobster—and he’d be the very first to tell you so. Mr. Lobster has evaded the fisherman’s trap for decades, but life in his corner of the ocean seems duller by the day. The time has come to seek new adventures, new friends, and even—gasp!—new, dry lands. Dry land is of course perilous for a saltwater-dwelling creature, as are the folks you can meet there, like badgers, bears, birds, and snakes. But Mr. Lobster has a way of turning every enemy into a dear friend and of escaping the scrapes his curiosity gets him into.

An American Wind in the Willows, The Curious Lobster stories have been delighting a small and devoted fellowship of readers for going on eighty years. Sweet but not cloying, instructive but not didactic, they acknowledge the challenges of getting along with others and celebrate the possibilities of a life lived beyond the normal swim of things.

This edition collects all of Richard W. Hatch’s Mr. Lobster stories, originally published in two volumes: The Curious Lobster and The Curious Lobster’s Island.

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Each adventure is related in its own chapter, but the episodes do string together into a cohesive narrative. The humor often relies on an Alice in Wonderland—style logic…This title could work well as a read-aloud, providing ample opportunities for discussing the natural world and interpersonal (or inter-animal) dynamics…
School Library Journal, July 2018

There is a homely wisdom and a pithy philosophy in the Mr. Lobster stories which adults as well as children enjoy. This book shows, too, a genuine love of out of doors; sea and woods and meadow.... So convincing are the haunts of Mr. Lobster and his friends that the city dweller reading this book feels that he too, has withdrawn for a little into a place where he is aware of sunrise and sunset, stars and tides, as a part of the beauty and eventfulness of life.… The drawings by Marion Wakeman have distinction and beauty and are keyed to the humor and imagination of the text.
The New York Times Book Review

A very entertaining story of a lobster whose curiousity led him far afield and into all sorts of adventures. Delightfully illustrated.
Kirkus Reviews