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Series: Dorothy
ISBN: 9781948980159
Pages: 184
Publication Date: October 11, 2022

From Dorothy

Some of Them Will Carry Me

by Giada Scodellaro

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Giada Scodellaro’s debut is a fiercely original collection of stories ranging in length, style, and tone—a collage of social commentary, surrealism, recipes, folklore, art—that centers Black women in moments of imminent change. In language that is lyrical, minimal, and often absurd, the diverse stories in Some of Them Will Carry Me deconstruct intimacy while building a surprising, unnerving new reality of language, culture, consumption, and loss.


This debut collection is not to be missed. Some as short as a paragraph, or even a sentence, Scodellaro's stories capture a broad spectrum of life's joy, disgust, complexity, and unusual specificity that yet contains multitudes . . . Readers encountering this extraordinary book for the first time will rejoice.
Booklist, Starred Review

This is a book of wonders, full of intricate beauty, and Giada Scodellaro is an extraordinary talent.
—Katie Kitamura

In Some of Them Will Carry Me, Giada Scodellaro enthralls as she evokes the best of the lushly slow and quiet European films of the 1960s, with their long, wide, starkly gorgeous shots, deeply detached yet viscerally sensual plotlines, and lonely meandering figures crossing landscapes. But what is more powerful is how she reorganizes those canonized spaces to foreground the subjectness of brown bodies and to imbue her female characters with volition. It’s a virtuosic reframing, done with seductive and disarming brevity. A stunning debut.
—Renee Gladman

Riveting, evocative, written with intensity and purpose, these potent, self-contained fictions have a vitality all their own—and they announce the arrival of a brilliant new voice in literature.
—Alexandra Kleeman