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Series: Notting Hill Editions
Pages: 228
Publication Date: November 14, 2017

From Notting Hill Editions

Beautiful and Impossible ThingsSelected Essays of Oscar Wilde

by Oscar Wilde, introduction by Gyles Brandreth

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Famous for his witticisms, aestheticism, and flamboyant sense of dress, Oscar Wilde had a humanity and deep sense of justice that have often been obscured. This selection showcases the breadth and depth of his thinking and includes essays on interior design, prison reform, Shakespeare, the dramatic dialogue “The Decay of Lying,” and the seminal “Soul of Man.” These essays show that beneath the trademark wit and love of paradox, Wilde was far ahead of his time, as challenging and surprising today as he was in the late 1800s.


First, it is an elegant linen-bound production that gives it a handsome feel in the hand, but then fits neatly into a pocket like something one should never travel without on the train. Moreover, it is purple—one of Wilde’s statement colors—which as a cover for Wilde’s sparkling prose renders it heliotrope with is a book that should always be with us when there are no flowers to look at and we want something to stir the intelligence.
—John Cooper, Oscar Wilde in America (blog)

The release of this lovely volume from Notting Hill Editions is a timely reminder that Oscar Wilde was more than just a wit, spouting aphorisms and ending up the subject of scandal and imprisonment.
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