Edmond Baudoin

Edmond Baudoin was born in Nice in 1942. As a young man he was an accountant and he didn’t start drawing comics professionally until his late thirties. After having some short work published in magazines he had his first book published in 1981. He has gone on to be a prolific author and a guiding light of contemporary comics, having won prizes at the Angoulême Comics Festival for his books Couma acò (best album, 1992) and Le Voyage (best script, 1997). In addition to his output of autobiographical albums he has also branched out into children’s books, illustrated editions of classic works of world fiction, and live drawing performances in collaboration with dancers and musicians. Most recently he published a science fiction graphic novel co-written with the celebrated French mathematician Cedric Villani. When he is not traveling for book fairs and residencies, Baudoin divides his time between Paris and Villars-sur-Vars, the town outside Nice where he grew up.