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Series: The New York Review Children's Collection
ISBN: 9781681370002
Pages: 136
Publication Date: September 13, 2016


by Anna Starobinets, translated by Jane Bugaeva, illustrations by Andrzej Klimowski

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Baguette, a seemingly ordinary house cat, is a descendant of the magic Catlanteans who lived long ago in peace and happiness on the island of Catlantis. When he falls in love with the seductive alley cat Purriana, she insists Baguette accomplish a heroic feat before she’ll agree to marriage. They pay a visit to the oracle, Purriana’s great-great grandmother, who reveals to the surprised Baguette the secret of his bloodline and the special inheritance of all ginger descendants of the Catlanteans: the ability to time travel. She relates the cat-astrophe that befell Baguette’s ancestors when Catlantis was struck by storms and sank to the bottom of the Catlantic Ocean. Now Baguette must travel into the past in order to bring back the Catlantic flowers that will grant every cat nine lives. All the cats of the world have been awaiting his deed, but can Baguette, a lovesick tabby, fulfill the prophecy?

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Anna Starobinets, translated by Jane Bugaeva, illustrated by Andrzej Klimowski


[Starobinets’s] first title for youngsters translated into English is a trippy, silly tale of cat magic, folklore, and love….Bugaeva's punny translation will make this a fine read-aloud. A must for those seeking culturally diverse literary experiences.
Kirkus Reviews

A mix of fantasy and all things feline makes this a thoroughly eclectic and enjoyable read.
Your Cat

Quite an extraordinary book... wonderfully whimsical and delectable... a book for both children as well as adults.
The School Librarian

Referred to as a European classic, Catlantis should find a home here in America too in the hearts of all lovers of animal stories, folklore, and fantasy."
—Allison’s Book Bag (blog)

“A self-obsessed house cat must voyage back through the Ocean of Time to find the lost island of Catlantis and save the nine lives of all cats if he is to win the paw of his lady love.” —The Telegraph

A madcap and highly original adventure by Anna Starobinets, translated from the Russian, and starkly illustrated.
The Observer, Children’s Books of the Year

Catlantis is edifying as well as amusing...keeps the reader enthralled to the end in this imaginative epic.
The Times Literary Supplement

Catlantis is a contemporary Russian children's classic that will soon be available in the U.S. Do NOT let the word 'children's' prevent you from reading this witty 'feline fantasy of the most amusing and strange kind.'
Cat Chat with Caren and Cody