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Series: New York Review Comics
ISBN: 9781590179857
Pages: 160
Publication Date: May 24, 2016

Almost Completely BaxterNew and Selected Blurtings

by Glen Baxter, introduction by Marlin Canasteen

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Over four decades and a multitude of books, “Colonel” Glen Baxter has built a world and a language all his own—slightly familiar, decidedly abnormal, irresistibly funny. Have you felt the terror of a failed Szechuan dinner? Have you seen what happens at precisely 6:15? Do you know where the beards are stored? Either way, this is the book for you.

Baxter’s drawings are a delicious stew of pulp adventure novels, highbrow hjinks, and outright absurdity: lonesome cowboys confront the latest in modern art, brave men tremble before moussaka, schoolgirls hoard hashish, and the world’s fruits are in constant peril. Wimples abound.

This new selection of Baxter’s work brings together highlights from the full sweep of his long career, and is sure to enchant both confirmed Baxterians and those iin dire need of an introduction.

This NYRC edition is a hardcover with printed endpapers, debossed cover design, and extra-thick paper.

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Mr. Baxter betrays all the ominous symptoms of genius.
—Edward Gorey

Many people have tried to imitate Baxter...few have come close to succeeding.
—Salman Rushdie

A kind of mad cross between Magritte, S.J. Perelman, and pulp fiction.
The New York Times

Glen Baxter is an artist in the distinguished tradition of Lewis Carroll, Sax Rohmer, Marquis de Sade, Raymond Roussel, Luther Burbank, and the Comte de Lautreamont.
—John Ashbery

It is the contrast between the bald simplicity of the drawings and the baroque excess of the captions that makes Baxter such a significant figure not just in the cartoon business, but in the British comedy landscape.
The Guardian

It's best to just let Baxter's work speak for itself, because it's hilarious.
—Brian Boone, Splitsider