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Series: NYRB Lit
ISBN: traitor
Pages: 320
Publication Date: March 18, 2014


by Stephen Daisley

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David Monroe is a young New Zealander who, during World War I, finds himself in the heat of battle in Gallipoli, standing beside a Turkish doctor named Mahmoud who directs David to save a wounded soldier. The next instant, a shell bursts over them and David and Mahmoud are both sent to an army hospital on Lemnos. As their wounds heal, a deep and enduring bond grows between them and Mahmoud begins to teach David some of the truths of Sufi mysticism. Their bond is strong enough for David to want to betray his country for his friend, which nearly gets him executed. The savage punishment that follows will break and then remake him and ultimately allow David to find deep compassion within himself.Stephen Daisley


Daisley's prose possesses a shimmering, allusive beauty reminiscent of John McGahern. Sequences such as the stunning description of the ageing David's journey out into a rainy morning to supervise the lambing lend the novel an almost sacred quality.... If its final pages suggest that there are many paths to grace, they also remind us of the way wars echo across time, transfiguring the lives of those who fight and those who remain behind.
—James Bradley, The Australian