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Series: Notting Hill Editions
ISBN: 9781912559152
Pages: 180
Publication Date: November 5, 2019

From Notting Hill Editions

On DogsAn Anthology

Introduction by Tracey Ullman


Dogs throughout history have enjoyed a special relationship with humankind, and our favorite four-legged creatures continue to grow in popularity. The writers and poets collected within this anthology reflect on the joys and pitfalls of dog ownership with brilliant wit, insight, and affection. With a heartfelt and humorous introduction by Tracey Ullman (an inveterate adopter of strays), this illustrated anthology traces the canine’s extraordinary journey from working animal to pampered pet. Features six black-and-white dog photographs by acclaimed reportage and portrait photographer Rhian Ap Gruffydd (Gruffpawtraits).


The infectious joy of dogs figures large in On Dogs: An Anthology, introduced by the actor and comedian Tracey Ullman. Although she is a devoted dog-lover . . .the selections in the anthology are not all feel-good. Several are dark or poignant pieces on a dog’s death; others offer sour or sardonic comments on pet dogs. The collection is an eclectic mixture drawn from fiction, poems, anecdotes, and scientific or philosophical essays. . . . It is . . . an enjoyable collection in which many aspects of our complex relationship with dogs are touched on.
— David E. Cooper, The Times Literary Supplement

Introduced by Tracey Ullman, this elegant, pocketsize tribute to our most loyal friends is realised in excerpts from novels, poems and literary theory.
—Louise Darblay, Art Review

This heartwarming compendium includes short essays, stories, reflections and poetry from note-worthy writers ranging from Virginia Woolf and David Sedaris to Shakespeare and Brigitte Bardot. A linen-bound hardcover sized to fit perfectly in the hand, it’s ideal for gift-giving.
The Bark