Rave Reviews for ‘The Netanyahus’

Joshua Cohen's The Netanyahus, published under the New York Review Books imprint late last month, has been receiving high praise from a bevy of outlets including The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, and NPR's Fresh Air. Read quotes from some of the reviews below:

“Absorbing, delightful, hilarious, breathtaking and the best and most relevant novel I’ve read in what feels like forever.” —Taffy Brodesser-Akner, The New York Times Book Review

“Riffing freely on a true story, this brilliant and hilarious new book takes a cozily familiar form, the campus novel, and turns it into a slyly oblique fable about history, identity and the conflicted heart of Jewishness, especially in America.” —John Powers, Fresh Air

“With [The NetanyahusCohen proves himself not just America’s most perceptive and imaginative Jewish novelist, but one of its best novelists full stop.” —Sam Sacks, The Wall Street Journal

“With its tight time frame, loopy narrator, portrait of Jewish-American life against a semi-rural backdrop, and moments of cruel academic satire, The Netanyahus reads like an attempt, as delightful as it sounds, to cross-breed Roth’s The Ghost Writer and Nabokov’s Pale Fire.” —Leo Robson, The Guardian

The Netanyahus, like Cohen’s previous novels, is driven by the momentum of its prose. . . . This is a surprising novel, full of quirks and explosive moments.” —Christopher Shrimpton, The Spectator

“Clever, funny, dark, deeply moving, full of references to everyone from Nabokov and the Marx Brothers to Jabotinsky and the late Harold Bloom, The Netanyahus is a joy to read.” —David Herman, The Jewish Chronicle

Cohen’s new book is among his best: a fastidious and very funny book that is one of the most purely pleasurable works of fiction I’ve read in ages.” —Jon Day, Financial Times

The Netanyahus. . . is a campus novel that is also a novel of ideas—a conjunction less common than one might expect. Luckily it’s also very, very funny.” —Len Gutkin, The Chronicle of Higher Education

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