Celebrating 'Anniversaries' at the Goethe-Institut

We hope you will join us for events celebrating the publication of Uwe Johnson's masterpiece, Anniversaries: From a Year in the Life of Gesine Cresspahl, translated from the German by Damion Searls, at the Goethe-Institut, 30 Irving Place, New York. 

On Thursday, November 1, at 7pm, Anniversaries translator Damion Searls will be in conversation about Johnson's depiction of 1960s New York with Renata Adler and Liesl Schillinger. Visit the Goethe-Institut website for details. 

On Friday, November 2, and Saturday, November 3, the Goethe-Institut will screen Margarethe von Trotta's TV miniseries adaptation of Anniversaries. The first episode will screen at 7pm on 11/2, and will be introduced by film journalist Anne-Katrin Titze. Episodes 2-4 will begin screening at 5pm on 11/3. Each episode is 90 minutes long. More details are available here

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