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The One-Straw Revolution
by Masanobu Fukuoka

introduction by Frances Moore Lappé

The One-Straw Revolution is one of the founding documents of the alternative food movement, and indispensable to anyone hoping to understand the future of food and agriculture.” —Michael Pollan



The Journal 1837-1861
by Henry David Thoreau

edited by Damion Searls
preface by John R. Stilgoe

“This new edition of Thoreau’s journal should remove any lingering doubt that he spent his own free time worthily. Over twenty-five years, he filled notebooks with observations drawn from his weekly excursions to Pine Hill, Fair Haven Pond, Baker Farm, Martial Miles Meadow, Nut Meadow Brook, and other locations surrounding Concord. Thereabouts, alone or with companions whom he sometimes neglected, he recorded the crickets chirruping, the sparrows sleeping, the shrub oaks shedding, the snow crusting over meadows, the ice cracking along the edge of rivers, the flies buzzing in the sun, and much more.” —The New Republic



The Education of a Gardener
by Russell Page

“Whatever has happened to garden writing…books that one picks up in the same way that one would a novel or biography for a good read…Going to my bookshelves, I pull down Russell Page’s The Education of a Gardener…belonging to a golden age of garden writing.” —The Times (London)



The Bear That Wasn’t
by Frank Tashlin

“Mr. Tashlin’s…masterpiece, The Bear That Wasn’t is a genially savage lampoon on the The Civilized People Who Aren’t.” —Los Angeles Times



Welcome to Doomsday
by Bill Moyers

A passionate call to save the planet from the forces of greed and exploitation, this is essential reading for anyone interested in environmental policy as well as in the growing power of the evangelical movement in the United States.
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