Terrible Horrible Edie

It’s not easy being Edie, and at only ten years old, there’s nothing fair about being a middle kid in the Cares family. But you have to be an indomitable character if you want to survive a parentless summer by the seaside with snooty brothers, a show-off sister, a pair of very small half-siblings (that you must take sailing), some stolen things, an oncoming hurricane, and, of course, a mystery that needs solving. With the publication of The New York Review Children’s Collection edition of E.C. Spykman’s classic, Terrible, Horrible Edie, she’s back, standing shoulder to shoulder with all the gutsy girls from American juvenile fiction.

A tad bit spoiled, revved up with rebellion, and filled with a sublime curiosity for sleuthing out the truth, even at her most terrifically terrible and humorously horrible, she charms you into cheering for the troublemaker’s chance to finally save the day—the Edie way.

Called “the most uninhibited youngsters in fiction since Richard Hughes wrote The Innocent Voyage” by The New York Times, Edie and her siblings are back in print after more than 30 years. The Chicago Tribune declared it as “must reading for boys and girls of 10 and up.” Take advantage of this limited 30% discount and acquaint the favorite youngster in your life with the courageous and admirably outright Edie Cares.

“Ten-year old Edie, rebellious, independent, is the mastermind for many breathtaking episodes, which keep her in trouble and everyone else on tenterhooks. Delightful reading.” —Parents Magazine

“Here is a new family as warm as Eleanor Estes’s Moffats, as full of reasonable ingenuity as the Swallows and the Amazons, and as painfully individualistic as Enid Bagnold’s Alice, Thomas, and Jane.” —Saturday Review
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