Supposing… November 12, 2010

Just released from The New York Review Children’s Collection is Supposing by Alastair Reid, with brand new illustrations by Bob Gill. Supposing is available at a limited-time 25% discount. Or purchase it with Alastair Reid’s Ounce Dice Trice, and get 40% off their combined retail prices.


By Alastair Reid
Illustrated by Bob Gill

When you were a child, with a mind made for musing, what destiny would you pick, if you had your own choosing?

It would be a potent dose of some seriously silly prose, with pages full of all the wonder and plunder a creative mind could construe—a book that when you opened it up, turned out to be all about you.

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The New York Review Children’s Collection is thrilled to publish Supposing, a follow-up to Alastair Reid’s Ounce Dice Trice, about which Daniel Pinkwater said on NPR’s Weekend Edition: “I want every children’s book editor and also every primary and middle school teacher and librarian in America to read this book. It is the antidote to plotting, plot-driven, two-line synopsizable, anti-imagination books….[Ounce Dice Trice] can be read cover to cover, back to front, middle to end, upside down, any way you like.”

Now with new illustrations by Bob Gill, Supposing is a modern classic that is perfect for children who have a truly imaginative take on the places they could possibly, potentially, go.

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A 1960 text from Reid is paired to all-new illustrations from Gill that realize one child’s beguiling hypotheses…. The sophisticated minimalism of the illustrations at their best work with the text to prompt wild flights of fancy…. As fascination with cause and effect is a classic phase of childhood, this book would seem to have a natural place in both bedrooms and classrooms…. the concept will beguile them.” —Kirkus Reviews

There’s an understated but fitting whimsy in Gill’s artwork.” —Publishers Weekly