Pie Day!


Winter months have us wishing for long summer days spent outside. While waiting for the first signs of spring, there’s no better way to keep warm than spending some time baking something delicious in the kitchen. With January 23rd marking National Pie Day, and February declared National Pie Month, bakers everywhere will be digging through their cookbooks for the perfect recipe to share. If you’re looking for something truly unique to try, especially with the littlest of chefs in mind, we have the perfect suggestion for you—Mud Pies!


Written by Marjorie Winslow, charmingly illustrated by Erik Blegvad, and called “delightfully digestible” by Life magazine, Mud Pies and Other Recipes is a cookbook for dolls filled with the finest of culinary curiosities. Reading it aloud is a perfect way to celebrate our pie holiday, while plotting plans for parties out among the garden plants when warmer weather finally comes our way.

Bon Appétit !

Mud Pies delights because, like the very best children’s books, it gives young folks their due. Winslow’s recipes appeal to the considerable wit, sophistication and imaginative prowess of many young children…. Winslow’s book is a gem.” —Prospero, on The Economist website

When I was about five years old, Granny gave me my first cookbook— Mud Pies and Other Recipes. Even though it was a pretend cookbook, it somehow persuaded me that real cooking must be fun.”—Sara Moulton

One of the most charming picture books ever published.” —Horn Book

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