Daniel Pinkwater’s Lizard Music

We’re very, very pleased to announce the publication of Daniel Pinkwater’s cult classic Lizard Music as the newest title in The New York Review Children’s Collection. Lizard Music and more books for children ages 8-14 are available at a limited-time 30% discount.

Lizard Music

Written and illustrated by Daniel Pinkwater

When you’re an eleven-year-old kid like Victor, and your parents go on vacation, leaving you at home with your older sister, you’re not too happy. But to Victor’s surprise, when Leslie packs up to go camping with her friends as soon as the parents are out the door, a whole new life of options and independence opens up. Staying up late watching movies on TV, drinking grape soda for breakfast, eating donuts for dinner, taking the bus to watch weird wavy-horned animals at the zoo, and visiting the next town where you meet unusual characters like the Chicken Man (and Claudia, the hen, who lives under his hat), all leave you feeling pretty grown up, or at least like a teen. That is until strange things start happening.

Seeing a lizard band, playing their music on TV after the late-late movie has ended, is especially puzzling, until Victor discovers that the Chicken Man knows about the lizard musicians, too. With the help of Chicken Man, Claudia, and some of those life-size clarinet and saxophone playing lizards, Victor sets off for an invisible floating island anticipating high adventures and hoping to learn the answers to the questions that could fix the unfortunate problems that have occurred. What will happen next? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

But there’s one thing we can report on for sure: with a copy of Lizard Music you’re irresistibly and unforgettably transported to Planet Pinkwater. It’s a place where anything can happen—a land that’s magical for both adults and kids.

“No author has ever captured the great fun of being weird, growing up as a happy mutant, unfettered by convention, as well as Pinkwater has. When I was a kid, Pinkwater novels like Lizard Music…made me intensely proud to be a little off-center and weird—they taught me to woo the muse of the odd and made me the happy adult I am today.” —Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing.net

Lizard Music
Written and illustrated by Daniel Pinkwater

For ages 8-14

Retail: $15.95
Special Offer: $11.17 (30% off)
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