A Traveller in Time May 18, 2011

The New York Review Children’s Collection is pleased to present A Traveller in Time, a historical adventure story, by Alison Uttley. This new title, along with a selection of books by other British
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A Traveller in Time

By Alison Uttley
With chapter opening illustrations by Phyllis Bray



Penelope Taberner Cameron was a solitary and sickly girl, a reader and a dreamer. With a vivid imagination, she imagines what life would be like in other places and times. When her mother decides that it is time for Penelope to spend some time outside of London, she sends her daughter to visit relatives at Thackers, a family
farmhouse in the English countryside. Penelope soon discovers that Thackers is not just a quaint country home, but also a portal into the past.


I, Penelope Taberner Cameron, tell this story of happenings when I was a young girl. To this day every detail of my strange experience is as clear as light…



With these words, our guide and heroine begins her tale of how a simple trip to the country transported her back to Elizabethan times. At Thackers, Penelope finds herself slipping in and out of the sixteenth-century where, much to her surprise, she becomes part of a family that has embroiled itself in a plot to free their beloved Mary, Queen of Scots, from prison. Even with her twentieth-century knowledge, Penelope remains helpless to keep the family—and herself—safe from danger and finds she is living an adventure bigger than any she could have imagined. Aware of the tragedy that lies ahead for her Elizabethan family, Penelope must confront serious questions about freedom, honor, and history as Mary’s impending doom approaches.


Uttley captures the slow loveliness of farm and country life in both centuries, even in the midst of gripping, historical intrigue. Fans of L. M. Boston’s Green Knowe series and Madeleine L’Engle’s A
Wrinkle in Time
will enjoy reading Alison Uttley’s thrilling and
thoughtful novel.

A Traveller in Time
By Alison Uttley

For ages 8-14
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