Love’s Work praised by Nicholas Lezard in The Guardian (UK)

We are pleased to share with you a recent, exceptional review of Love’s Work, the late philosopher Gillian Rose’s beautiful memoir and meditation on the nature of love, life, and death.

“I struggle to think of a finer, more rewarding short autobiography than this…And for those who have suffered for and in love, this may prove to be one of the most useful books they will ever read. Here there are no soupy platitudes which deal with that near-miraculous unlikelihood, the happy and eternal love affair: Rose is the enemy of fatuity, which you had better be, if you are going to give any honest, meaningful answer to the question of whether the agonies of love are worth its joys (or vice versa).” —Nicholas Lezard, The Guardian (UK).

Read the rest of this review here.
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