New Reading Group Guides

Just in time for summer book club decisions, we have added three new reading group guides.

Two of the guides are for our recently released books by the twentieth-century English novelist Elizabeth Taylor. Angel is the story of a young woman whose fantasy of being rich and famous comes true when her novels, much to everyone’s surprise, are a success. Now that she has tasted the good life, Angel has no intention of letting anyone stand in her way. A Game of Hide and Seek is a finely rendered tale of the youthful love as well as of the quiet melancholy of an adulthood that too often does not surprise enough.

The third guide is for Walkabout, by James Vance Marshall. In the words of Time Magazine, Walkabout is “…a haunting little idyll in the same vein as A High Wind in Jamaica…[it] tells of two children, a boy and a girl, sole survivors of a plane crash in the Australian bush. Their fragile veneer of modern culture clashes with the primitive soul of a boy who is making his tribal ‘walkabout.’”

These reading group guides, as well as guides to another 35 NYRB titles, are available in our resources section. We have many books that make for excellent summer reads and book club choices.

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