NYRB Lit, a New E-book Series

New York Review Books is pleased to announce the September 4th publication of The Water Theatre by Lindsay Clarke, the first title in NYRB Lit, a new e-book series devoted to publishing contemporary literary fiction and narrative non-fiction from around the world. All of the books in the series have been published to great acclaim in their own countries and we’re happy to be able to make these titles available to US readers. NYRB Lit titles are available from most e-book retailers.

From Library Journal‘s starred review of The Water Theatre:
“Clarke’s astounding novel, set in England, Africa, and Italy, defies categories. Part political screed, part epic love story with some mystical fantasy added to the soup, his writing style is as crisp and straightforward as his subject matter is complicated and nuanced. This Whitbread Prize–winning author should find an appreciative new audience with this digital incarnation.”

Praise from the UK press:
“Lindsay Clarke’s complex, involving novel The Water Theatre is every bit as good as his stunning debut, The Chymical Wedding…. This is a richly involving and rewarding work.” —Erica Wagner, Best Books of the Year, The Times

Bold, tenacious characters and vivid, distinct landscapes give The Water Theatre a strong hold on the imagination as Clarke skillfully draws out the betrayals searing his characters’ lives.” —The Financial Times

It is a rare pleasure and surprise to read a new book whose prose is so rich and emotionally resonant… Lindsay Clarke has an enviable command of character, time, and place. He is almost Lawrentian in his ability to depict both the power and beauty of landscape, and tender or tragically fraught emotional relationships… This is a significant and ambitious work by a master of his craft.” —The Independent

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