Happy Birthday to Edward Gorey

It’s not only George Washington who was born on February 22nd. Famed writer and illustrator Edward Gorey, who passed away in 2000, would have been 88 today—an occasion Google has marked with a doodle on their homepage. NYRB is proud to publish several outstanding titles illustrated by the peerless Gorey, including The Haunted Looking Glass, a collection of Gothic tales also selected by Gorey; H. G. Wells’s The War of the Worlds; Rex Warner’s Men and Gods; and the children’s books Three Ladies Beside the Sea and He Was There From The Day We Moved In, by Rhoda Levine. In June 2013 NYRB Classics will publish The Unrest-Cure and Other Stories, a collection of Saki’s whimsical, macabre tales paired with unforgettable illustrations by Gorey.
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