Ian McEwan Calls ‘Stoner’ “A Minor Masterpiece”

In a recent interview on BBC 4 morning radio show “Today,” acclaimed novelist Ian McEwan beamed about Stoner by John Williams.

The novel tells the story of the life of William Stoner—from his roots as the son of dirt-poor Midwestern farmers to his education and discovery of literature, from the disappointments of his professional life to his attempts to find love and solitude. McEwan called the book “a joyful discovery,” noting that “as soon as you start reading it you feel you’re in very, very good hands.”When asked whether this book—with its subtle plot and small protagonist—would make a good summer read, McEwan replied emphatically “I can’t convey well enough, this is the book to take. It will thrive in the hotel room and on the beach. It is a marvelous discovery for everyone who loves literature.”

Listen to the interview here.

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