Praise for Gabriel Chevallier’s ‘Fear’ in The New York Times Book Review

NYRB Classics is thrilled to receive an excellent review of Gabriel Chevallier’s Fear in the July 20, 2014 issue of The New York Times Book Review. Here is an excerpt from Thomas Keneally’s review of Fear, and to read the rest click here.

“All the phases of this particularly horrid war, phases that we have become accustomed to from later writing, are recounted here in a remarkable voice…And, in this prizewinning translation by Malcolm Imrie, his writing still has a ferocious power…Chevallier’s narrative remains radioactive with pure terror, frightening in a way later accounts don’t quite manage. It’s hard to believe, given the powerful, almost American casualness of his voice, that this is its first American appearance. His tone is so inveigling and so amiable as he inducts us like witnesses into that great European madness with which the past century began, decades before most who will read this translation were born. It’s also hard to believe, once we’re deeply engaged with the book, that Chevallier is dealing with events that are nearly a hundred years in the past, deploying prose that’s almost as old. We are lucky his voice came through.” —Thomas Keneally, The New York Times Book Review

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