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Series: Little Bookroom
ISBN: 9781936941094
Pages: 502

From The Little Bookroom

The Little Bookroom Guide to New York City with Children

By Angela Hederman and Michael Berman, photographs by Michael Berman


With The Little Bookroom Guide to New York City with Children in your pocket, you don’t have to choose between things that kids like to do and things that grownups like to do. The city is filled with activities that appeal to everyone: spend the night in a world-famous museum or on an aircraft carrier; watch a chef make hand-pulled noodles while you eat a delicious inexpensive meal in Chinatown; stargaze with astronomers; sail New York Harbor in a historic schooner; and more.

Organized around places to PLAY, EAT, and SHOP, you’ll find this guide is a treasure trove of ideas, whether you’re interested in sports, crafts, animation, ballet, magic, history, movies, books, computers, music, dolls, chess, theater, or more:

  • Museums (and how to navigate them) 
  • Parks and playgrounds in every neighborhood 
  • Stadium visits 
  • Behind-the-scenes ballet and music events 
  • Theatre for kids 
  • Fun tours and excursions

Restaurants and cafes from no-frills to fancy:

  • Vintage pizza joints 
  • “Only in New York” food destinations 
  • Off-the-printed-menu specials for kids 
  • Happy Hours for everyone

Shopping splurges:

  • Finding cool souvenirs 
  • Indie designer boutiques 
  • Best museum shops

You’ll find all the practicalities, too, as well as insider information from a parent’s point of view—everything you’ll need to make your visit to New York City easy, exhilarating, and unforgettable.

About the author

Angela Hederman is an editor at The Little Bookroom. She and her husband have lived in Greenwich Village for more than 30 years, and are the parents of five grown children.

About the photographer

Michael Berman is a photographer and writer specializing in food, restaurants, and travel. His blog is He lives with his wife and young daughter in Brooklyn.