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Series: Little Bookroom
ISBN: 9781892145031
Pages: 256

From The Little Bookroom

The Historic Restaurants of ParisA guide to century-old cafés, bistros, and gourmet food shops

By Ellen Williams


From tiny pâtisseries, cozy bistros, and rustic wine bars barely known outside the quarter to bustling brasseries, elegant tea salons, and world famous cafés, The Historic Restaurants of Paris is an indispensable guide to classic cuisine served in settings of startling beauty. Crossing the thresholds of these century-old establishments, diners and shoppers can step into a gilded Belle Epoque restaurant favored by Degas; a vintage confectioner that supplied bonbons to Monet; and a shaded café terrace frequented by Zola. The text includes charming anecdotes relating to each shop and restaurant's history and celebrated former patrons. Appendices include establishments that are open on Sunday, those that sell items suitable for gifts, those with garden dining, and the author's personal favorites. Listings are arranged by arrondissement, with addresses, phone numbers, hours, and nearest metro stops.

About the Author

Ellen Williams, the author of the award-winning The Impressionists' Paris and Picasso's Paris, is the former art editor of Vogue and executive editor of The Journal of Art. She is the co-author of The Historic Shops & Restaurants of New York (The Little Bookroom).