A year’s worth of classic books in one gift—at 20% savings plus FREE shipping

Whether you’re searching for a meaningful gift for a newborn, preschooler, or a reader of the ripe old age of 8–14…look no further. We’ve grouped our most popular books by age and interest and will send one book every other month for an entire year to the fortunate recipient. 

All of the books in the NYRB Children’s Collection are “forever books”—praised for their beautiful covers and sturdy bindings, these books set a new standard for the definition of a classic. NYRB Kids stylish paperback editions are designed to be especially attractive to young independent readers, on the look-out for new fare for their imaginations.

“These books represent some of the finest children’s literature published during the last one hundred years. There are plenty of gems here…to rediscover and pass onto a new generation of children.” — Journal of the American Association of School Librarians