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Series: The New York Review Children's Collection
ISBN: 9781681375458
Pages: 32
Publication Date: March 2, 2021

Brookie and Her Lamb

by M. B. Goffstein


M. B. Goffstein was a master of the art of children’s books. With the fewest possible words in the best possible order accompanied by precise line drawings, Goffstein created picture books of elemental simplicity, subtle humor, and undeniable charm.

Brookie and Her Lamb is a classic tale of reciprocated love between a little girl and her lamb, as memorable as the nursery rhyme about another little lamb and a girl named Mary. Brookie wants to teach her lamb to sing, but all he sings is Baa, baa, baa; she tries to teach him to read, but all he can read is Baa, baa, baa. A bit discouraged, but undeterred, Brookie takes her lamb for a head-clearing walk. She gazes at the lamb grazing, and a smile returns to her face. Back at home, she reconsiders her lesson plan and arrives at a creative solution, a happy ending for both lamb and girl.

An ideal read-aloud for young children, Brookie and Her Lamb is a tender tale of mutual love and appreciation and a lasting achievement in storytelling and illustration.

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These deft and lovely and authentic and resonant little books of Brooke's are timely and timeless works. I wish they had been available here in the USA all along. They’re important books, perfectly done.
—Sandra Boynton

Using poetic tellings accompanied by whimsical pictures, Goffstein reveals basic truths. . . . Each Goffstein book is small and fits comfortably in the hand. . . . Their simplicity is their strength. . . . M. B. Goffstein is one of the finest illustrators/writers of our time. Like porcelain there is more to her work than meets the eye. Beneath the delicacy and fragility is a core of astounding strength.
The Washington Post

M. B. Goffstein is one of the few ‘originals’ in children’s literature.
The New York Times