Additional Book Information

Series: The New York Review Children's Collection
ISBN: 9781681373737
Pages: 40
Publication Date: October 8, 2019

Arm in ArmA Collection of Connections, Endless Tales, Reiterations, and Other Echolalia

by Remy Charlip



For those readers familiar with Remy Charlip from his inimitable book Thirteen, written with Jerry Joyner, this reissue of Arm in Arm will be a joyful reunion. Here is Charlip at his most playful, his zaniest, funniest, and cleverest. Just as Thirteen rewrote the rules of the story, Arm in Arm rewrites the rules of riddles, tongue twisters, puns, and performance-based play, or rather, throws all rules out the window. Readers beware: This book cannot be skimmed! Some pages require turning the book completely around, 360 degrees. A magnifying glass may also be useful. It is a book for kids of all ages.


When octopuses marry, it stands to reason that they walk ‘down the aisle arm in arm in arm in arm...’—but who ever thought of it that way? Remy Charlip, and it is this particular perspective of his wherein lies the delight of one of the more kinetic picture books to appear in a long time.... There is amusement here, endless diversion and a bit of well-placed philosophy—such as from the egg who tells the inquisitive chicken, concerned about the order of their origin, "Don’t question it. Be grateful we have one another."
—Ingeborg Boudreau, The New York Times

Elegant and whimsical.
—Sybille A. Jagush, Chief of Children’s Literature Center at the Library of Congress

Here is someone who transforms, embroiders, and enchants ordinary experiences into magical excursions, encouraging children to imagine and improvise for themselves. His works abound in innovative narratives, wonderful word games, simple reading exercises with an appeal directly to children. There is no superfluous detail and lots of riddles, puns, jokes, chants, word games, and illustrations—tempera, watercolors, cartoons and collages, silhouettes and simple line drawings.
—Edith Cohen, Library of Congress Children’s Literature Center

[Charlip wrote] extraordinarily inventive books for children that respected their individuality and enlarged their imaginations.
San Francisco Bay Guardian