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Series: Little Bookroom
ISBN: 9781892145321
Pages: 144

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Jane Austen in BathWalking Tours of the Writer's City

By Katharine Reeve


This beautifully illustrated guidebook weaves together the story of Jane Austen's own life in Bath with the stories of the unforgettable characters she created. Today, with its perfectly preserved Georgian architecture and stunning surrounding countryside, it looks much as it did in Austen's day and remains one of the loveliest cities in England, and an hour away from London. The four delightful walks mapped in this book take readers to Bath's unique crescents, to its pleasure gardens and ancient Roman spas, and to the Pump Room and Assembly Rooms, site of the glittering balls where Austen's heroines made their debuts.

Jane Austen in Bath: Walking Tours of the Writer's City is a beautifully illustrated book organized into four walking tours around the city of Bath-where she set both Northanger Abbey and Persuasion-two novels that mirrored her own experience: that of an impressionable, optimistic young girl hoping to meet the man she would marry and later, that of a mature woman disappointed in love. It was in Bath that many of Austen's own romantic adventures and misadventures occurred, and this book artfully weaves together the story of Austen's life there with those of her beloved characters.

This guidebook describes the places frequented by Austen and her characters. Readers can stroll along the shady, tree-lined walk where Anne Elliot met Captain Wentworth after he returned from seven years at sea, and visit the galleries that hosted the glittering balls where the impressionable young Catherine Moreland made her debut. Bath is an exquisite, perfectly preserved Georgian town located in the stunning countryside just an hour and a half from London. It was a spa town in Austen's day and still is. The streets, crescents, gardens, and buildings look almost exactly the same as they did then. Many of the places that she frequented are still there-visitors can still buy the traditional Sally Lunn rolls at the same bakery/café that Austen frequented; enter the famous Pump Rooms and Assembly Rooms where she drank the waters, gossiped, and danced; stroll the unique Georgian crescents and pleasure gardens where she enjoyed fireworks and lavish public breakfasts; and see the homes Austen and her family lived in, some of which are now open to the public.

Jane Austen in Bath is the perfect companion to discovering the vibrant and fashionable social scene of Bath during both Austen's time and today.

About the Author

Katharine Reeve is an editor and writer. She is former Editorial Director and History Commissioning Editor at Oxford University Press. She lives in Bath.