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Series: Little Bookroom
ISBN: 9781892145901
Pages: 374

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Italy Dish by DishA Comprehensive Guide to Eating in Italy

By Monica Sartoni Cesari, translated by Susan Simon


"The chunky new book, with the dimensions of a nice portion of lasagna, is really a guide to Italian food no matter where you eat it. Region by region, plate by plate and glass by glass, it provides definitions and background for thousands of items."—Florence Fabricant, The New York Times

Italy Dish by Dish is the essential guide to eating in Italy, listing more than 3,000 menu items, region by region.

In Italy, regional terms for ingredients, preparations and dishes vary widely from village to village and province to province. There are seemingly endless local variations—and even if you speak fluent Italian, the names used to describe them can be thoroughly confusing. No longer: with Italy Dish by Dish you'll know exactly what's on the menu, what ingredients it contains and how it's cooked.

This comprehensive translator will also lead you to the not-to-be-missed dishes that typify each area: unique specialties and preparations you'll not find anywhere else that showcase local ingredients and traditions, all listed by the names you'll find on local menus. Italy Dish by Dishprovides the vocabulary you'll need to make every meal a memorable one.

Each chapter also includes a section listing a region's cheeses and wines (including which wines to pair with local dishes) and an iconic recipe from the area. A detailed glossary describes the bounty of land and sea that are the basis of la cucina italiana and an extensive index puts menu items at your fingertips.

Lovers of good food and Italian culture will find this guide indispensable not only at restaurants, but in the kitchen—detailed descriptions of hundreds of dishes also serve as basic recipes that can easily be followed to create authentic dishes at home.

About the Author

Monica Sartoni Cesari has had a long career in the world of Italian gastronomy. She was the educational director of the prestigious school of La Cucina Italiana and was awarded the distinguished Commandeur de la Commanderie des Cordons Bleus de France. She is the author of several books and contributes to many Italian food magazines.

About the Translator

Susan Simon is the author of six cookbooks, most recently as the writer for Pasta Sfoglia, which won a James Beard award. She lived in Italy for eight years and currently lives in the Hudson Valley.