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Series: NYRB Kids
ISBN: 9781681372341
Pages: 48
Publication Date: February 20, 2018

Max in Hollywood, Baby

by Maira Kalman

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Enter Max. Dreamer. Poet. Dog. In this rollicking madcap tale, publishing in time for the Oscars, Max and his dazzling Dalmatian bride take off to direct a movie in Hollywood.

As Maira Kalman writes: 

There is no way I could begin to explain the intricate and complicated plot of this book to you, so full of subtle detail yet so action packed. 

But trust me, you will laugh till you cry and when you see how stupid it is you will cry even more. 

And if at the end of this book, once you have looked up all the words in the dictionary, you are not completely unsatisfied, I, the author, will personally send at my own expense a large pickled herring or blue carp (your choice) to your first cousins if they live in Miami. No kidding. 

Is it a romance? Yes. A comedy? Yes. A musical? Yes. Now stop asking so many questions. You're giving me a headache already. 

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maira kalman


Ordinarily, a dog’s life isn’t characterized by glamour, but Max Stravinsky, canine extraordinaire, runs with the in-crowd...This time he’s in Tinseltown to pen a ‘sugar-smackin, rootin-tootin, high-spy, sci-fi...madcap musical mystery’ script, and he gets star treatment, even coasting around in a limo chauffeured by the fabulously suave Ferrrnando Extra Debonnaire.
Publishers Weekly

The ongoing saga of Max the dog—in words, in pictures, in typography—has vaulted across genres, between audiences and beyond’s truly for all ages.

This book recounts his Hollywood adventures with the same irreverence, eccentricities, and sardonic wit that make Kalman’s other books so unique and so memorable. Once again, the vivid, surreal illustrations punctuate the zany text, but many also stand alone in their offbeat and on-target commentaries. If possible, Max’s cinematic antics meet and surpass his earlier escapades as an outlandish exposé on human behavior.
School Library Journal