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Additional Book Information

Series: NYRB Kids
ISBN: 9781681377452
Pages: 40
Publication Date: September 19, 2023

Let's Go Swimming with Mr. Sillypants

by M.K. Brown

Mr. Sillypants is going to learn how to swim tomorrow. He’s excited! It’s about time.

But he starts to get nervous. “What if I step on a fish?” He asks his goldfish. “What if all the other people in the class are better than I am?” He says aloud as he makes his favorite bedtime snack, a pickle and peanut butter sandwich. By the time he goes to bed, Mr. Sillypants is not sure swimming lessons are such a good idea after all. 

When Mr. Sillypants falls asleep, he dreams he’s out for a walk, when he suddenly plummets into a big pond. “I can’t swim!” he yells. Soon though, his worries about swimming are far from his mind: he morphs into a fish, and chases after deep sea sandwiches and flees from an enormous pickle monsters. The next morning, Mr. Sillypants wakes up with a start—maybe his swimming lessons are going to be okay after all. 

Told with warm humor and illustrated with stunning watercolors, M. K. Brown has crafted a hilarious adventure out of an everyday fear. This silly-looking man can teach us all how to conquer scary things by laughing right at them.