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Nobel Prize WinnersSix NYRB Classics

Book Collection

Expand your world with these gems from the finest voices in global literature. Launch your journey with Patrick White’s Riders in the Chariot, and find mysticism in a sun-bleached Australian suburb. For something darker, try Young Once, Patrick Modiano’s breakthrough novel, in which a mid-thirties couple takes an anti-nostalgic look back at their youth in postwar Paris, a city steeped in crime and full of secrets. With Ivo Andrić’s Omer Pasha Latas, plunge into nineteenth-century Sarajevo, where Muslims and Christians live in uneasy proximity in the massive shadow of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian empires. At the center of this epic is a commander in the Ottoman Army; he’s at the height of his power, yet still feels unsteady.

Gabriel García Márquez’s Clandestine in Chile documents the true, hair-raising story of Miguel Littín, the exiled film director who secretly returns to Pinochet’s Chile to make a documentary about life under the dictatorship—and glimpse the landscape he loves once again. In The Late Mattia Pascal, a man is granted a second chance at life when he is wrongfully declared dead. Disquieting and darkly humorous, this novel puts Luigi Pirandello on par with Kafka and Borges. Finally, Peter Handke’s Slow Homecoming is a book of odysseys: between the great cities of America, to a mountain in southern France, and through parenthood.