Inspire Your Imagination

Book Collection

These five wonderfully wacky classics prove there’s no such thing as an overactive imagination. Remy Charlip and Jerry Joyner’s Thirteen, a series of experimental picture stories told in tableau, is a childhood favorite of Hugo Cabret author Brian Selznick. In Arm in Arm, Charlip returns with zany stories that evolve from moment to moment—some of which are meant to be read upside-down.

Alastair Reid’s Supposing… is full of intriguing thought experiments perfect for the inquisitive child, while Monika Beisner’s Fantastic Toys imagines all manner of magical playthings designed to make life a little more interesting—glowing teddy bears, umbrellas for animals, winged boots—complete with advertisements. And in Mud Pies and Other Recipes, Marjorie Winslow cooks up an array of adorably bizarre meals: everything from Fried Water to Stuffed Sea Shells.

For ages 5–9.