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Good vs. Evil

Book Collection

Featuring larger-than-life villains and the fledgling heroes who take them on, these engrossing, high-stakes reads may call for a flashlight under the covers. In The Night of Wishes, it’s New Year’s Eve and an evil sorcerer and witch are preparing the Notion Potion, one of the world’s most diabolical spells. An unlikely team stands in their way: their very own animal sidekicks, a raven and a cat. Blundering ensues on both sides as midnight ticks closer in this comic adventure.

Orphan Kay Harker’s dull life is turned upside down when he has the opportunity to uncover his sea-captain grandfather’s long-lost treasure. His quest begins each night as the clock strikes twelve, when he is transported to the perilous world of The Midnight Folk, a world of pirates, highwaymen, witches, and talking animals. When night falls in Barbara Sleigh’s The Kingdom of Carbonel, however, Cat Country comes to life. All’s well in the kingdom until the wicked Grisana makes a pounce for the throne, and a couple of young humans must rise to defend it. A fourteen-year-old beggar boy is sucked into a world of dark and powerful magic—and must find a way out—in Otfried Preussler’s story of courage and cunning, Krabat & the Sorcerer’s Mill, a favorite of both Cornelia Funke and Neil Gaiman.

For ages 8–12