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Series: Notting Hill Editions
ISBN: 9781912559176

From Notting Hill Editions

Joy: A Notting Hill Editions Gift Set

$48.32 $56.85

Three covetable anthologies that celebrate our most popular passions. On Dogs, introduced by Tracey Ullman, is an eclectic selection of writers reflecting on the joys and pitfalls of dog ownership; In Beneath My Feet, Duncan Minshull rounds up the most memorable walker-writers from the 1300s to the present day; Jon Day selects the finest fishing writing In A Twitch Upon the Thread, to transport the reader from armchair to riverbank.

Includes the following titles:

Beneath My Feet: Writers on Walking – Introduced by Duncan Minshull

A Twitch Upon the Thread: Writers on Fishing – Introduced by Jon Day

On Dogs: An Anthology – Introduced by Tracey Ullman