Additional Book Information

Series: New York Review Books
ISBN: 9780517559871
Pages: 176
Publication Date: August 13, 1986

The New York Review Quiz Book

The New York Review of Books, drawings by Edward Gorey


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Literary quizzes, cartoons, and crosswords are gathered together here by the New York Review of Books and brilliantly illustrated by Edward Gorey, to make an urbane and witty diversion sure to enliven and delight trivia lovers, game players, and book lovers.


  1. Where might you have run into Cecil Robuck, Cecil Schoen, the Chester Beckers, S. B. Whitebait, Maurice A. Flink, and Benny McCelehan?
  2. Which British or American novel is known in French as Le Legs de Mrs. Wilcox?
  3. What will “the Questioner who sits so sly” never be able to do?

Whether or not you come up with the answers, The New York Review Quiz Book is a pleasure in itself. The questions are challenging, amusing, subtle—and anyone who makes his way through them will find just how intriguing and unexpected the literary life can be. Truly a scholarly and humorous entertainment for the highest of the highbrow and those in pursuit of the edifyingly trivial.