Additional Book Information

Series: The New York Review Children's Collection
ISBN: 9781590171264
Pages: 216
Publication Date: October 15, 2004

CarbonelThe King of the Cats

by Barbara Sleigh, illustrated by V. H. Drummond


Back in print in the U.S. for the first time in over 30 years.

Rosemary’s plan to clean houses during her summer break and surprise her mother with the money hits a snag when an old lady at the market talks her into buying a second-rate broom and a cat she can’t even afford to keep. But appearances can be deceiving. Some old ladies are witches, some brooms can fly, and some ordinary-looking cats are Princes of the Royal Blood. Rosemary’s cat (“You may call me Carbonel. That is my name.”) soon enlists her help in an adventure to free him from a hideous spell and return him to his rightful throne. But along the way Rosemary and her friend John must do some clever sleuthing, work a little magic of their own, and—not least—put up with the demands of a very haughty cat. by Barbara Sleigh, illustrated by V. H. Drummond


A delightful fantasy of real literary merit. When Rosemary acquired a black cat and an old broom, she thought she had a pet and a means of earning money for widowed mother. But Carbonel was magic, and at his behest she set out to acquire a witch's hat, pot and spell to disenchant him. How she does this will enthrall children. A must for all libraries.
Library Journal

A delightfully amusing story.
Parents Magazine

A truly bewitching story reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland.
New York Journal American

Magic and everyday life blend smoothly in this highly enjoyable fantasy, perfect for reading aloud.
The Horn Book