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Series: New York Review Comics
ISBN: 9781681374840
Pages: 212
Publication Date: April 12, 2022

The Projector and Elephant

by Martin Vaughn-James, edited and designed by Seth, introduction by Jeet Heer


In 1968, the British artist and writer Martin Vaughn-James emigrated to Canada. Over the next eight years, he proceeded to produce some of the most mesmerizing and inventive works in comics, light-years ahead of his contemporaries. Among them were Elephant and The Projector, linked graphic novels that guide the reader (and a bespectacled Everyman) through landscapes built out of both the everyday and the nightmarish. Jam-packed superhighways, plummeting horses, vast urban wastelands, colossal businessmen, demented cartoon animals, and interstellar oranges are just a small part of Vaughn-James’s prophetic vision of society’s turn away from the natural world to the artificial.

Together for the first time in a single volume, designed and edited by Seth and with an introduction by Jeet Heer, Elephant and The Projector stand as a reminder that we have yet to catch up to Vaughn-James.

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His first two books, “rediscovered” in this handsome edition, remain astonishing innovations. Vaughn-James takes the jejune language of cartooning – funny animals, advertising art – and torques it into the realm of the surreal.
—Sean Rogers, The Globe and Mail “Top 5 Graphic Novels of the Year”

This handsome repackaging of two classic titles by proto–graphic novelist Vaughn-James deserves to be considered essential reading by fans of the form. . . . This is a lovingly produced introduction to the greatest anarcho-comic-surrealist readers likely have never heard of (yet).
Publishers Weekly (starred review)