Vladimir Sorokin and Max Lawton in conversation @ Burley Fisher Books

Vladimir Sorokin and Max Lawton in conversation @ Burley Fisher Books
Date: Wed, Jun 26, 2024
Time: 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: 400 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AA, United Kingdom
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Burley Fisher Books hosts a conversation between Vladimir Sorokin and his translator, Max Lawton.

Earlier this year, NYRB Classics published the first English-language editions of Sorokin's Blue Lard and Red Pyramid: Selected Stories, both translated from the Russian by Max Lawton. Widely hailed as the Russian De Sade, Sorokin is one of the most radical and inventive voices in contemporary world literature. He writes as much in the tradition of the political dissident as in that of literary troublemakers such as Burroughs, Bataille, and Houellebecq. 

Red Pyramid spans Sorokin’s career, assembling some of his most outlandish and scathing stories. In the O’Henry Prize–winning story “Horse Soup,” a young woman is paid handsomely once a month to eat nothing but thin air in front of a spectator. In “Nastya,” a text drawing yet more pro-Kremlin vitriol and prompting petitions for a book ban, a family roasts and cannibalizes their sixteen-year-old daughter.

Published in 1999, Blue Lard is a boundary-defying romp through Russian literature and alternative twentieth-century history. Perhaps Sorokin’s most notorious novel, it features a graphic sex scene between Stalin and Khrushchev, led to pornography charges against Sorokin, and inspired pro-Putin protestors to throw the author’s books into a gigantic makeshift toilet in front of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre.

This event is in-person and open to the public. Ticket purchase is required for attendance. 

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