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Pages: 224
Publication Date: July 31, 2002

The Ten Thousand Things

by Maria Dermout, translated and with an introduction by Hans Koning

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Fans of magic realism will be thrilled to discover a long out-of-print Dutch classic...Dermout writes exquisitely and hauntingly of murder and loss, tolerance, and fear of "the other."
Library Journal

Dermout beautifully depicts the idyllic setting and handles the darker aspects of the story—ghosts, superstition, even murder—with equal skill.
Publishers Weekly

An offbeat narrative that has the timeless tone of legend.

Mrs. Dermout, in the manner of Thoreau and the early Hemingway, is an extraordinary sensualist. But her approach is not the muzzy, semi-poetic one in which the writer damagingly affixes his own imagination to what he sees. Instead, her instinct for beauty results, again and again, in passages of a startling, unadorned, three-dimensional clarity; often one can almost touch what she describes.
— Whitney Balliett, The New Yorker

Beautiful and eerie.
The Atlantic